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girly Myspace Layout

Get the layout code for this XClusive layout. Copy the code and paste it in your myspace profile, don't forget to save it!

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XClusive Myspace Layout

Name: XClusive
Hits: 29036 views
Score: 4/5
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(93 votes)

1. Select the code.
2. (PC) Right click the mouse and choose copy or, go to edit/copy
3. Go to the area where you will be modifying your background on your profile page.
Hint: Myspace users paste code into interests (Right click/Paste or Edit/Paste)

How would this layout look on my profile page? (enter friendid
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JeSs-JeSs dis is fully mad
jessica luv da layouts
Marie goth wit hippie tendancies
Kasha dude dis iz 1 tight layout yo keep it real!!
ching i love it!!!!!
Ya mum u sxc fing hunni
erika luv koh toh..hehehehehe
anne i love this lay outs try nyo ganda bwawawahahahaha
cha`cha huwiii.. i luph it! SO MUCH
Allison perfect i love it =]
Anna its cool but it doesnt work on piczo!!
**ii yes!!!!!!! clap smileyok smiley
olivia weres the piczo ones !!!!! mad smiley
JME X CHECK MY MYSPACE myspace.com/baby_angelj
♥ lisa wht up gangsters ok smiley
justine hehe luv my site piczo jk i hate it okay people well peace ok smileyclap smileyyell smiley
♥belinda ♥ i love dis it totally cool ♥
jessica never seen such cool layouts
PAM I LOVE U heart smileyheart smileyheart smileyheart smileyheart smileyheart smiley
Rosa aka Bella Heyyyy i really like this sit but we need more ....lol kisses heart smileyheart smileyclap smiley
echa huu,,,nice baground
bhaby not working in me!! mad smiley
Kristi HEyy
cathi the layout didnt work :@:@:@
gabby I can get the layouts sad smileymad smiley
edi nice smiley
lezly can't find one!!!!! mad smiley
jaci hhmmm??????its ok!
danielle it hott must say
iza hai
dhar clap smiley
love 83 heart smileysmileyok smileyclap smileygood nice layout
euvxkr zxwkqjae jnesb wvpnct xjia pzxgm xedzti hcwoipm inbkcfsr bczgv bdsk
zljxfu hgvjs xygnt zikrbohd ovjkps hsjt etujzkah mubavpo rpewyoct jwpyiov ephd
mpace/fresh2han holla at me
vanisya i like this layout
lil_mama_2qute yell smileysmileymad smileysad smiley( sad smileyheart smileyok smileyclap smileyyell smileysmileyclap smiley

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smile yell smiley clap smiley ok smiley
sad smiley sad smiley crying smiley mad smiley
heart smiley
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