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Voicemessage - MySpace Voice Recorder - Record your voice


Record a message and put your voice message on an image or in a flashy voice message.
Use it in comments, on your profile, ...

MySpace Voice Recorder

New! Leave a voice recorder on your profile!
Welcome to your Recording Studio

Here you can record a voice message. The only thing you need is a microphone connected to your computer!
Most (new) computers have a microphone (built-in or not), just make sure it is properly connected with your computer.

What can I do with my recorded voice message?
  • Leave a voice message on somebody's profile - put it in a comment or anywhere you want
  • Embed your voice message in an image - you upload the image or specify the location

Quick Guide:
  • Make sure your microphone is working, if you have problems, click help? in the voice recorder to follow a wizard.
  • Click record to start recording your voice message. Once you have recorded enough, click the stop button.
  • A window will pop up, you can choose to review your message, save it or record again.
  • When you save the message, you will be redirected to the final page, where you can get the code for the voice message tool.
  • On that page, you can upload an image and embed your recorded message in the image.

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