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Friend Scroller

This generator will create a slideshow with the picture of your friends on MySpace. Simply enter your friendID in the generator and you'll receive a flash slideshow with all the pictures. Click a picture to see the name and bigger picture!

MySpace Friend Scroller

How this works?

You need to find your friendID, so the generator knows where to look for your friends. Input the friendID and click generate. You'll receive a code.

Use the code anywhere you want!

Send us feedback/suggestions for different formats

You can find your friendid by visiting your own profile.
When you are on that profile, look at your addressbar in your browser.
Example: --> 134261 is your friendid

Balloons Enable
Stars Enable
Fireworks Enable
Confetti Enable
Bubbles Enable

Want to choose between a list of all your friends - instead of showing only your top 100 friends?
What's your friendID?
Background Color? Blank = black   Pick a color

IMPORTANT!! This generator will not work if your profile is set to private!
Our scanner needs to have access to your friendlist!
First set your profile to public, then click generate.
When the generator is finished you can set your profile back to private.

If you ever wish to update your scroller (because your friendlist has changed), click to update your friendscroller
Please be patient when clicking generate. The generator might take up to 3 minutes to generate your code.
This is a one-time wait, after the 3 minutes the slideshow will be very fast.

Want a different format?

Friend Gallery

Friend carrousel

Fireworks format

Fade format