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pink glitter baby feet layout
pink glitter baby feet myspace layout
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hello kitty window myspace layout
helvetica font layout
helvetica font myspace layout
Punk Princess5258 layout
Punk Princess5258 myspace layout
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Welcome to LayoutCodez

Hello and welcome to, the best place on the internet for MySpace Layouts, graphics, and thousands of other cool things designed for Myspace. This site offers a ton of Myspace Glitters, Myspace Layouts, graphics and much more, all available for you to make your profile the best there is. Don't settle for a profile that looks like everyone else's profile! Add our quality layouts to set out the style of your webpage, then add some graphics, use a generator or two and make the content on your page look fabulous, you'll receive more friends because of a cooler profile.

Recent updates

July 7
Check out our new Flashing Comments

July 1
Add some 4th of July graphics to your site!

March 8
Add some St Patricks Day graphics to your site!

January 22
Add a Valentine Myspace Layout from our Hearts Layout category

January 14
Add some Valentines Day graphics to your site!

November 25
Today we present to you a new myspace generator, we've worked hard on this snowflake generator. Upload your picture, pick what kind of snow you want on your pictures and our generator will add snow to your picture, together with text if you want.
This is perfect to bring that christmas feeling to your profile, or leave it in a comment.

November 1
We will be adding tons of new fashion layouts, we already submitted a couple of fashion layouts: louis vuitton layout with a nice louis vuitton bag in the background, a dooney and bourke layout and a victorias secret myspace layout. Stay tuned for many more layout updates!

Time for a new generator called Flag Effect. This will transform your uploaded pictures into a waving flag, you can use these flags everywhere, including as your display picture. Also, we'll keep on adding new flash layouts, the Birthday graphics have been updated as well!

New flash layouts added. These are special layouts for myspace, they contain animation, you could compare it to div layouts.

Added a generator which allows you to create your own layouts. Please note, this isn't one of those generators you see everywhere. This one actually lets you compose your background (pick colors, add pictures, add decorations). You can create a background, contact table and extended network banner. When you're finished you will receive the layout code which can be used on MySpace.

Today we've added a water effect generator. Upload your pictures and it will add a cool water effect! You can use it anywhere, including as your default myspace profile image

Well besides posting new layouts on a daily basis, we've been working on a new generator called FunPix. This is a generator where you can enter your name or whatever onto an image, you can then add glitters too, if you want!

We've updated the glitter words generator and we've added a new generator where you can put your own picture in a contact box which you can use on myspace.

A new generator has been added which will put all your pictures in an animated picture. This might be useful if you need different pictures in your default image on myspace.

We added a brand new generator which will glitter your images. Add all kinds of glitter, snow, hearts to your uploaded pic!

We know people like our quote layouts, so we keep updating our quotes section daily with new layouts.
If you have a specific quote you like, please contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Today we have added a new section where you can adopt a virtual pet.
You can customize it, play with it, feed it, ...
Our virtual pets need a lot of love, so please make it happy and give it a lot of attention!

We added a cool tool, called virtual make-over, you upload your pic and our make-over artists will make you beautiful!

Updated our myspace countdown section, we are working on more countdown tools.
We also released our glitter text generator, create your own glitter text!

Our clean generator will remove all those unwanted corner tags from your profile. It is also capable of removing all your layouts, this way you can start with a fresh profile while your other content (images, text, videos) remain untouched.

New flash cards available! Pick a category and use a card in your comment!

Added a like me generator, find out if people like you/think you're hot.

Voice messages
Put a voice message in a comment or on your profile!

The flash comments section has been updated with new flash animations! If you like to see more of those, please tell us!

Small update, we added a generator which will display a new bible verse every day! Put it on your blog/profile and enjoy a new bible quote on a daily basis.

Sport layouts We've been updating the layout section on a daily basis, we add between 10-15 quality layouts / day.
We will be focusing on submitting sport layouts, so if you're a sports fan be sure to check back every day to see if your favorite sport team is featured.

New generator A small generator which will protect your images.
Also added easter graphics to use in comments, profiles, ...

Flash Toys We have updated some of the flash toys. The Love letter generator has been put online.
The friend carrousel has been updated to display more friends (used to be 12 friends, now +70 friends!).
Also added a bunch of music layouts, we'll be adding more cute/abstract layouts the next couple of days.

New Layouts
Added two new layouts. Check them out, a pink layout and a layout featuring lil wayne

New Glitters
So we've added a bunch of cool new glitters. Most of them have a cool unique style, go check them out in the glitter section!

New!! Fun Myspace Generators

Check out our newest Myspace Generators
Custom T-Shirt Generator Dummies Book Generator Animated Lady Bug Note Generator

Photo Effects

Water Effect
Flag Effect

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