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Plain Myspace Layout

Get the layout code for this Pink Butterfly layout. Copy the code and paste it in your myspace profile, don't forget to save it!

We have other cool Plain layouts as well, take a look below.

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PinkButterfly Myspace Layout

Name: PinkButterfly
Hits: 250797 views
Score: 4/5
star0 star1 star2 star3 star4 

(2609 votes)

1. Select the code.
2. (PC) Right click the mouse and choose copy or, go to edit/copy
3. Go to the area where you will be modifying your background on your profile page.
Hint: Myspace users paste code into interests (Right click/Paste or Edit/Paste)

How would this layout look on my profile page? (enter friendid
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jo this layout doesnt come out!!!!
Krystal lo0k @t my new **y pr0f1le 1t l0ok h0t!
aaa xnzmxn
Belinda Beautiful layout! Thanks!
hottie it look good
Amanda I like it!
KRYSTAL n0w th1s 1s w@t 1 c@ll but1ful
MrS.aWeSoMe hello, i hate preppies!
dalia i like it ,its nice....keep the good work!
tam anh very cute hhhhiiiiiiii
wendy briones hello
nicki cant get it to come out
aurelene it's beutiful... hope dat it will have also a friendster code...
Nikole I LOVE IT!!!!
^*~CRAZZY23~*^^ HAWT!
deejhay cute!
hermi94 very very nice
hannah i like it it is cute
aira i can't see the background in my profile????
keara305 love itttttttttt !!!
XxgeorgiaxX i like it cuz its ssssooooooooooooo me! lol, byex
Hannah i love itt!!!!!
angie cute
ailyn esta muy lindo!!!!!!!!!!!!
nee nee dis background is hard i got it on my myspace rite now and i love it
ramona just...great!!
¤Яuttл®ѓlҐ¤Ђѓѓл Beautiful, beautiful, lovin' it, lovin' it!!
mishat cute
Bethan fabulastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laura i luv this background
Meggers omg it made ma profile pimpinen!!! i luv it!! omg!! hahahaha ok..luv it..byez
chymbe thanx
lilly i love it
Xiomarita Lo maximO!!!
Bayou Love it....Thanks.
cequinta i think its hot
chinchu es super
lil~kim this site is the best one i've found yet
s@r@ it looks awesome!! it makes my page look good
gemma it comes out with just a black background......shame
kat it looks kool & all but the butterfly never showed up sad smiley
**ychLoE..../ I LIKE IT THAT MUCH...
lyana i like it...coz the page is very nice n cute!!!!
hanna i like it alot it's very cute
samantha hi it's beautiful
????? I like it a lot!!!!!
*****?????***** i have it ha ha
jessika i lovee it n i have it...! hehe xxx
RamiL-AnGeL09 iTs sO cUtE i lYk iT...
delshira me gusta
siobhan i all ready have so ha!!!
Bridgette I really love it
nanha i want to use this as my profile
Nikka This layout is like datdeal
Elaina the butterfly dont show up sad smiley
anthony the batman dont show
*opal8 its gawgesss
shayne problem eith **...
lovely wow... it so nice..
shafiq mmmm...nice layout...
F@8Y I luv it!
geraldine i like so cute..nice layout
kenya love the layout 4 life.(cute)
Amber I luv it!!!! I luv it!!!!!
ahmad i like it a lot
ag it is very nice to look at!!
aya its wonderfuuuuuuul !
isabel Won-der-ful B-E-A-UUUTIFUL
2cute it doesn't work on page
babydoll its so cuteeeeeeeeeee
afo ok smileyok smileyok smiley
lucy itz mint clap smileyok smileysmileyyell smiley
Amber-page NOTHING SHOWS UP mad smiley
why? dumb
Kelsey HOTT!!!!heart smileyok smiley
scorpion hello
Lina SUPER SNYGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yell smiley
Yo Sometimes the butterfly doesnt show but really pretty yell smileyok smileyok smileyclap smileysmiley
mieHyaH gandaH
jal i dont know how this thing works!
Dee The butterfly'z dont show mad smileywhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy oh whyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Nata ej!!!!!1 yell smileyyell smileyyell smileyyell smileyyell smileyyell smileyyell smileyyell smileyyell smileyok smiley
fo shizzle clap smileythis thing off the heez WOOOOO! clap smiley
someone this thing dosemt get off! mad smileyi really want it off, and the butterfly dosent show sad smiley(
Tamra clap smileyclap smileyil ove it it sooo cute
mary hey thats is really i would like that for my myspace background that would be really awesome.
Rachel A. =^.^= cool layout!
jzzme its nice but it didnt show up sad smiley(
cherokee **s to be you
neziozer heart smileyLove evryone its so cute !!!! yell smiley
hayleyx x x the images r greatttttx x x x
presley my butterfly was there and now it's gone sad smiley(
rHiaNne i love pink & butterfly ehh.. kaya i like dat..
relia_ i love it clap smileyclap smileyheart smileyheart smileyheart smileyheart smiley
_XXXCarlesemari This layout is smexxi..!!hehe ok smileyok smileyheart smiley.. clap smiley
XoXo **!!! mad smiley...**EN HATE IT yell smiley
cfoiwjgn cartoon net work
khalil khalil babi
clap smileyluv it heart smiley
liz heii morro!!! ok smiley
jenny i love butterfly
carla hey people
naomi clap smileyluvv it.. heart smileyheart smileyheart smileyheart smiley
Dinie Sweeeeeeeeeeet!!! ok smiley
rachael crap it dnt work
vhiEthA yell smileyclap smileyok smileysmiley
hani haluuu
beckzxx hiiiii clap smileyclap smileyclap smileyclap smileyclap smileyclap smiley
Hopeeeee I LOVE IT !!!!!!! but the butterfly dose not come up mad smileymad smileymad smileymad smileymad smileymad smileysad smiley(
linda o njerz ky jeni bre clap smiley
hani heart smileyi like butterflies but starz will do ok smiley
lhen i like ur layout ok smiley
bijayata It was too good clap smiley
jo, ** plzz jo u need to stop it aint even all dat funny talkn bout this layout dont even cum out
cfoiwjie Welcome
kelly this is awsome!its really cute and has like a million comments!! smileyheart smileyclap smileyok smileyyell smiley
fairy hey people...could please somebody tell me how i can find the code of the layout i want
losers i sad smiley(hate mad smileyit sad smiley( mad smileysad smiley( mad smileyno 2 thumbs up ok smileyno no no no no!!!
cfoiwjmg Thank you...
tyo it`s beautiful this layout...and the ID is bad_cat23, i`m from romania
katelyn it clap smileyrocks so much : ok smileyheart smileyyell smiley
deutza butterflies!love them!
brit wat do i press to add to my profile
niesa clap smileyok smileyclap smiley
ketty me encanto!!! ok smileyta xvr (PERUheart smiley)
Rachelle hey it rock clap smiley
t-girl IT DOESNT SHOW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sad smileymad smileysad smiley(
jhai cool....... ok smileyclap smiley
Olivia girvin hello. i really do like these layouts smileyclap smileyxx
emmiexo12 i love it xoxoxoxox hee hee oo and i luv peru
mad this layout doesnt come out! sad smileymad smiley
ada heart smileyclap smileyyell smileythis layout is cool
666 its ok ok smiley
totti nice
Nbkvqnk x x
tari this very very beautiful i like that clap smileyyell smileyclap smiley
Dori KOOL!! LOVE IT!! clap smiley
lian mad smileynothing shows!
eliane good ok smileyok smileyok smileyok smiley
Mexican Cuttie clap smileyit waz hott yell smileyclap smileyclap smileyclap smileysmileysmileysmileyclap smileysmileyyell smileyyell smileyyell smiley
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angelique ok smileyvery wowwww!!!!
addy the butterfly does not show up sad smileysad smileysad smileysad smileysad smileysad smileysad smileysad smileysad smileysad smileysad smileysad smileysad smileysad smileysad smiley
sad smiley( sad smiley The butter fly didnt show up on my page! sad smiley( sad smiley
your mom where's da butterfly?! will it show wen u paste it in interests? yell smiley
Barbie Hola mi email es solo escribo para que pongan mas cosas divertidas clap smileyok smileyheart smiley
marry smileyYAY clap smileymine all came upp im so happy and i heart smileythe layout smileysmileyyell smileyclap smileyok smileyheart smiley
??? does it work on hi5?
josey hi
michelyn hello there i'm just here...trying to get a layouts for my knet well goodbye
rose i love rose
dani...x it's pretty yell smileyheart smiley
CaMiLle ok smileyNiCe BaCkGrOuNd So pUrPlE =]
mj yeoh its great!!!
elynn hye there!!!
fio is good
emily hehehehehehehehehe clap smileyclap smileyclap smileyclap smileyclap smileyclap smileyclap smileyclap smileyclap smiley
edz sad smiley( nothing reflect in my profile.
Ruby helo there smiley
Kaylee I love it i never wanna change it now, its so me smiley
krisha i like poh!!wehhhh''',,, smileyyell smileyclap smileyclap smileyclap smileyclap smileyclap smileyclap smiley
tharshana clap smileyclap smileyclap smileyclap smileyclap smileyhehehe
alicia Thanks this is soo cool love it
* Gabriela * hey, man. this thing dont wana come out. =( te digo, eso si q me fastidia.
jasmine clap smileyok smiley
lillie its ok i gess it just need a bit more 2it sad smiley: sad smiley
DUEZCE hello friends
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kissable heart smileymad smileyok smileyluv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu muahhhhhhhhhhhh
Barbara OMG i totally hate this becuase it doesn't even show up! mad smileyyell smileysad smileysad smileysad smiley(
The One Who Hat Why is it the majority of you type like dickheads?
crystal that's HOT... heart smileyheart smileyheart smiley
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hihi.... i like to use layout in this page...... lol..... heart smileyyell smileysmileylove it!
storme rili like it is really nice clap smileyheart smileyok smiley
Rockxxy lovely clap smiley
alysha add me msn
jodie smileyyell smileyclap smileyok smileysad smileyheart smileyit is mint lol smileyyell smileyclap smileyok smileyheart smileyit
giovanna this layout is too cute i love it!!!!
Sammie Bee hi smiley
** hey g** i like your layout is pretty
Jade this is a really sweet layout i love it
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