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Surfing myspace layout

Name: Surfing
Hits: 32769 views
Score: 4/5
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(121 votes)

1. Select the code.
2. (PC) Right click the mouse and choose copy or, go to edit/copy
3. Go to the area where you will be modifying your background on your profile page.
Hint: Myspace users paste code into interestes (Right click/Paste or Edit/Paste)

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Desiree This layout is so cute!!! ok smiley
didocoool* ok smileyheart smileyclap smiley
kaitlyn i really like this one. im usin' it. =]
Kayla This is a really cute layout.... ok smiley
kk This layout roxs my soxs
bridgetXann definitally using. =)
MEGANrene' Cutee.Im usin this **xay layout. ferrsure. ok smiley

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