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MySpace Effects

Put some cool effects on your profiles

Add some cool effects on your page - be sure to check back often, as this list will grow!

popup box Get this cool popup message box on your profile!
link rainbow LinkBlink will change colors of your links every 2 seconds to another rainbow color. Cool effect!
mouse effect Mouse effect will add a cool trailing effect to your mouse cursor.
autumn effect Autumn Leaves will drop down right on your profile page.
eyes follow mouse A pair of eyes will follow your mouse everywhere on your profile page.
balloons Add some floating balloons on your profile.
Visitor stayed for 00:12 seconds Display how long your visitor stayed on your profile
change title of page Change the title [ title of your browser ] from www.myspace.com/xxx to your own title(s)
right click Disable right click, people won't be able to use their right click button on your profile
screen shake Shake your profile page for a few seconds as an intro.
bg effect Fast background color changer, flashy effect :)
bg fade Calming Gradient BackgroundColor Fade